Thursday, August 5, 2010

Q4 2010 Resolution.

Thanks for everything I have achieved in this past few months.
It has been a productive year but I believe I will achieve more in this Quarter.

Here goes:

Win the Achiever's Club this year from Walton International.
Being best entrepreneur for the company.
Receiving my first RM 100, 000 cheque from my boss.
Receive my first bonus.
Get good results on college.
A happy life.
A happy and health relationship.
Retire before the age of forty. Ftw.
Playing more Starcraft 2 and Unlock more god damn brutal achievements.

Thank you for everything so far. Hope luck will be on my side all the time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Starcraft 2 Collector's Edition Unboxing

The box owns.

The most coolest Pendrive evuar to be made. Its.....precious...
Starcraft 2: Collector's Edition USD 99.90....69.90 pounds. 149 AUS$

Box includes:
Original Sound Track
A 2.0GB USB Thumb Drive
The Making of Starcraft 2 DVD
...A "pulling" aka Comic Strip
The actual game
Concept art booklet.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

You know he is a gamer when......

Here are some signs that shows your friends are perhaps hardcore gamers but you never knew.
I can tell.

*Note: This post is for entertainment purposes only. All deduction, statement, and bullcrap that contained inside this post is all fiction and highly flammable.*

1. He knows what he is doing....when it comes to software or technical difficulties.

CTRL+ALT +DELETE. Doesn't work. How bout runnin' the cmd or check the registrar. Or maybe I should reinstall it.
They all have solutions to all the problems for computers even though they have no degree in the particular field.

2. He knows who John Carmack is.

Honestly, gamers know their idols, their gods to worshiped. We have standards.

3. He speak Game language. (Troll! Leeroy Jenkins?)

Gamers speak differently. I wonder did you notice. People who play a lot of games will use words such as duration, immune, you effin' troll, or "Say that again I'll stick my Frostmourne up your ass."

4. Do not come to college often or work.
.........self explained.

5. Has a cool ringtone. Be it Anime or OST from Games.
Trust me.

6. He knows the history of PONG.
Once upon a time in a lonely lab far far away, lives two Engineers......

7. He knows where is the cheapest CC.
I'll be your tour guide or eat lead if you don't want to follow.

8. He knows team play.
Gamers know the effectiveness of teamwork. But still....being cooperative is another issue.

9. He is realistic.
My kill. My Loot. Buzz Off.

10. Buys PC GAMER.
......Captain obvious

11. Game is everything.

He can chat for six hours straight because of a simple mechanic.
Look at his profile before he goes to bed.
Planning on what time he can rush home and stick his ass to the computer for the whole day.

12. He who has the Initial Z in his name.

ZiWen, Zhi Jern, ( I am so full of myself that I need infinite stomach)

Good Night. Shut up. Don't complain I blog for the sake of it. Adios. 2.25 AM.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I realized something.....

Well... there are times when you are really depressed despite nothing happen to you. Like now. For me at least.

I love my job. Meeting with different people, socializing with different people and sharing thoughts with different people. Although it is not everyone's cup of tea but I think I like the feeling of meeting different people occasionally.

What is there to complain?

You have a job.

You have a good result in your new college.

You have a girlfriend of four years and its considered as a stable relationship.

But why are you still not satisfied and happy like the others?

I went to Kampar for a vacation. I thought that I need some rest and some thinking.

Brought the PSP along. Tapped it. Played it. Throughout the day and night figured out nothing.

Until I left one of my belongings there at Kampar. It was my thumb drive that filled with Tenacious D songs... must.. have rocket sauce...and a dose of daily Jack Black's songs.....

Thanks to that incident.... I realized what has been missing, something that I must do before I graduate, something that I wanted to do long long time ago.

I will take my time to explain. It will be a lengthy post.

The situation now is like the bag in Kampar.

I left my dreams there.

I left my dreams because I am content with what I have, with what I own, and with what I desired.

The dream I wanted....

Small dreams: I want to organize a LAN College

Big dreams : I want to work for any "insert name here" Entertainment Gaming Corporation

I've said it. I had came out with the proposal.

Now what I need is petitions from the higher ups and some sponsors.

And my thumb drive in Kampar.

The best dreams are the unattainable ones. - Lazard from Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Video Games Live and Video Game Music.

It is like your everyday orchestra concerto. However, you will not recognize any music that is even close with 9th Symphony. Despite the differences, it is still very very well accepted by the society.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Video Games Live, it's all about Video Game's music ever to happen in the first time on Malaysia.

Sadly enough, I miss the commotion, but nevermind there is always next year. From the article I read from the Sun, I knew most of the song especially the theme of Metal Gear Solid and God of War.

If I had been there without a doubt I can write better in the article and have a better judgement regarding the pros and cons of the concert. I do notice that most of the shots and highlights were mostly video games for consoles such as the Playstation, X-Box 360 and Nintendo. Not many PC's games were presented during the concert itself.

Other than VGL, there were still many video gaming concerts going on around the world. The famous "Game Music Concert" has started since 1991 to 1996 originated by Japan. After the enormous hit in Tokyo, in 2003, German took the first step initiating the ever first Video Games concert outside Japan.

They named it "Symphonic Game Music Concert". It has such a good performance that even allows them to have this concert annually. Japanese leading RPG developer company, Square Enix noticed the commotion and decided to join in. The ticket were sold like hot cakes and they even allow viewers to enjoy it live via video streaming.

Question from the older generation people will likely think, "Why and how on Earth does this phenomena even get famous in Malaysia?". Trust me, the interactive media industry is absolutely the best industry next to medical that saves lives. Not a joke, not only does it provides major workforce, it also unleash people talents in terms from drawing to composing, and it also provide the best and blissful gift of all time, entertainment.

The phenomena here I am discussing about is the Interactive Media industry. If you want to be famous singer, join a singing competition and perform well in front of the camera. But for me, being randomly love by anybody just because of your looks, voice, or talent can be somewhat tedious. Nowadays, all you need is good look in my opinion. Your product will not sell if you look ugly this is what an Idol is all about.

However, in the case of a famous game developer such as Hideo Kojima, he knows his fan very well and his fans know him well too. He has never failed to deliver any expectations for the gamers. Gamers don't care about your looks, they measure your performance in terms of what you can deliver in your final product. If they don't like it, they will not buy the game. That's all.
I rather have one's talent being appreciated more than his looks.

It is a different world comparing to famous idol but if you can deliver, you will be respected and honored. How do you feel if your name was credited in a large screen while having your fans cheering at your name even they do not know who you are or what you look like. You feel proud because your work has reached their hearts.

This is how Video Games's music are different than those other music. You respect the game developer and the song. Unlike idol songs, you may only recognize the idol not the song or the other way around. However, in video game's music, you may not recognize the song but you are familiar with it and you will of course remember which game it is from and miraculously, you love it, it reminds you of the moment you are in while gaming . It has no opening nor ending, it was always an eternal never ending pattern of the same music. It doesn't have an opening, chorus, ending or what you may called.

It is different, the fans are different, the ideology are different. Which is why, the interactive media industry is growing in an unknown rate. A new industry that slowly emerging from a mysterious plateau, waiting to be discovered.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things I secretly wanted...even till now.

1. A Haro plush doll.
2. To Cosplay as Old Snake.. but too fat.
3. To have Final Fantasy Main theme played on my wedding. Don't think people will know what is that.
4. Silver pocket watch from FullMetal Alchemist carried by National Alchemist.
5. A Death Note layout Notebook with rules attached..
6. A Ryuk plush doll.
7 Please. Give. Me. A. Tour De Japon Music from Final Fantasy.
8. Light's "hidden" wrist watch.
9. Joining the Interactive Media Industry.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Refresh Button.

It had been the 500th times I pressed the refresh button for logging into my UTAR Online Course Registration account. I sure some of you press over 5000 times. But fear not. I will help you to log into the website without the need for signing in and by passing the system itself.

It is wise that each UTARIAN needs to wake up early to register their course or else you will be suffering bad timetable for the rest of the semester. OR even worse for student that cycles you will need go for 6 PM class due to your late registration. But fear not, all will be solved with my method.

1. Get mozilla. If you wanna get IE make sure you will know how to save your password with IE
2. Save your password if you manage to successfully log in the course registration system. IT is best to save your password during the timetable preview.
3. After save, you will just have to wait until the day the course registration started.

Okay here comes the fun part.
First, you open Firefox.

Click history tab, then Click show all history.

Look for the link that I am pointing in the black line.
In case you can't see the link is. ..../index.jsp
Put an effort to look for it. Too ease your finding click the Tags Tab above. And beside of Name tab. After locating it, and clicking the link. You will get something like this by passing the signing in system.

That's all and you successfully logged in without signing in.

Now worship me or press the refresh button for like 50000 times and still fail at registering the course. I am just kidding. Ok, off to study.